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Making the most of the Barcelona scenary

Due to the diversity and wealth of the heritage of Barcelona many routes can be made by neighborhood. All the facets of the town you can explore. On the site of the present Gothic Quarter lies the ancient town, once encircled by Roman walls. Its tight streets, quiet squares and lovely corners have many religious and popular Gothic buildings. Medieval palaces, including Casa dels Canonges, La Pia Almoina and Casa d'Ardiaca, surround the impressive Cathedral. It is one of the most visited towns in Europe and also one of our favorite towns. There's plenty to see from Anton Gaudí's amazing architecture to museums, UNESCO sites, markets, tapas, and even a beach.

Enjoy unforgettable moments with boat from Samboat

Come and enjoy unforgettable moments and boat along Barcelona's lines with samboat if you're in Barcelona for the first time and have no much time. This is the ideal trip for those who want to rent a boat barcelona and take a pleasant shot from the beautiful view of town from the ocean. But it's for those who have no sailing experience and want to attempt it every time. The boat will navigate by the shoreline and then stop for a while to swim in the open sea and see Barcelona's magnificent view. Then, bring a glass of cava to improve your journey and return to Port Olimpi.

Barcelona’s culture

In its houses, parks and open-air sculptures, but also in its numerous art collections the culture of Barcelona is evident. There have been museums in Picasso, Miró, Tàpies and Gaudi. In the Museum of History, the History Museum, the Museum of Modern Art or the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), works of art from various times are preserved. Many organizations also make the creative avant-garde possible for everyone through continuous collections and exhibitions. Some of those which are as essential as the structures that protect them are the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona or the CaixaForum. The Barcelona museums give a variety of options: archaeology, zoology, science, ethnology, pre-Columbian art ... This wealthy and diverse cultural offer is complemented by numerous exhibition halls.


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